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Prong Collar

Prong Collar

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  • 3.5 x 55 CM
  • Our Herm Sprenger type chrome prong training collar is safe, practical and easy to use for effective training.
  • Blunt prongs will not cause pain or harm.
  • Center plate construction and symmetrical prong placement creates natural contact for optimal communication.
  • Perfect for obedience training and behavior correction.
  • Perfect size for easy control & release. Links are removable to adjust collar size. Additional inks can also be added (sold separately.
  • The collar should fit snugly so it doesn't move around from the proper place. If the collar is loose, consider removing one of the prongs. A prong collar should sit right behind the ears and under the jaw. Placing the collar lower than this will make the collar ineffective.
  • For training sessions ONLY! Not to be left on dogs.



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9" - 12 "

Care Instructions

Hand wash with gentle soap and water.

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Our E-collar replacement straps won't delaminate like other collars on the market made from cloth webbing and coated in plastic!

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