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Puppy Identification collars

Puppy Identification collars

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Set of 12 adjustable Super Soft nylon breakaway puppy identification collars.

Each set comes with weight tracking and vaccination charts.

Medium sized for young retrievers adjusts in length from 9-12" and is 0.4" wide.

  • DURABLE AND LASTING: Collars are made using high-quality Nylon to offer unmatched durability while retaining a lightweight. Thanks to the high quality of our puppy collars, you never have to worry about them falling off or getting torn ensuring long-term use to make your dog easily identifiable while keeping them comfy.
  • SOFT AND COMFY: Unlike a normal whelping puppy collar leash that is uncomfortable to wear and irritates your pup, our Puppy Collars is made using the softest as well as lightest nylon on the market and professionally made to provide you with a puppy identification leash collar that your babies will love to wear!
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Our puppy collars is ideal for 9 to 12-inch neck size making it the perfect choice for 2-week-old pups. Adjustment to provide the perfect fit, it’s easy to wear and can be adjusted to meet your puppy’s growth. This adjustable pet collar can also be used as cat collars after your pups are are sold! (However we don't recommend getting 12 cats :-) )
  • STYLISH AND WASHABLE: This puppy collar set of 12 is available in different colors, plain with reflective stripe, that look stylish on any pet. The large stainless steel D-ring is perfect for holding your pet’s identification making them easy to find and keep track of! 2 RECORD KEEPING CHARTS: Keep detailed records on whelping, weight progress, vaccination dates. 



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9" - 12 "

Care Instructions

Hand wash with gentle soap and water.

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Our E-collar replacement straps won't delaminate like other collars on the market made from cloth webbing and coated in plastic!

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