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Retriever training tabs can help control young dogs from breaking and guide them when learning to line (Push/Pull). The tab can be attached to a choke chain or prong collar and then dropped to allow the dog to be released with it on. The young dog can then be guided back to correct heel position.

Sure anyone can make these but we had requests because folks can't be bothered! 🤣The hardware alone costs around 6.00. Made from 5/16 Polyester rope.

*These are cut with extra length as ever handlers arm and height of dog vary. You may need to cut and shorten the tab so its easy to handle yet hangs at your dogs chest when released to prevent the dog from tripping on it.



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16" wide, 24" long, 3.5" high

Care Instructions

Mild soap and water

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We take pride in our products!

Our bumpers are BPA and melanine free unlike other training products from China. Our bumpers are rotomolded so there are no seams, plugs, or valves to crack or come loose and sink them!

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